Scientific Publications

neoCRISPR Article
Spontaneous CRISPR loci generation in vivo by non-canonical spacer integration.
Nivala J, Shipman SL, Church GM.
Nature Microbiology. (2018)
News & Views
 Horse Letter
CRISPR-Cas encoding of a digital movie into the genomes of a population of living bacteria.
Shipman SL, Nivala J, Macklis JD, Church GM.
Nature. (2017)
NIH Director’s Blog
 mol_records Article
Molecular recordings by directed CRISPR spacer acquisition.
Shipman SL*, Nivala J*, Macklis JD, Church GM.
Science. (2016)
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Cell Systems: Principles of Systems Biology, No. 7
Science: Perspective, Synthetic Biology
 TiNS Review
The cellular and molecular landscape of neuroligins.
Bemben MA*, Shipman SL*, Nicoll RA, Roche KW.
Trends in Neurosciences. (2015)
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 MSB Article
Rapid neurogenesis through transcriptional activation in human stem cells.
Busskamp V, Lewis NE, Guye P, Ng AHM, Shipman SL, Byrne S, Sanjana NE, Murn J, Li Y, Li S, Stadler M, Weiss R, Church GM.
Molecular Systems Biology. (2014) 10:750
 Rosetta Preprint
Rosetta Brains: A Strategy for Molecularly-Annotated Connectomics.
Marblestone AH, Daugharthy ER, Kalhor R, Peikon ID, Kebschull JM, Shipman SL, Mishchenko Y, Lee JH, Kording KP, Boyden ES, Zador AM, Church GM.
arXiv. (2014)
 CamKII Article
CaMKII phosphorylation of neuroligin-1 regulates excitatory synapses.
Bemben MA, Shipman SL, Hirai T, Herring BE, Li Y, Badger JD, Nicoll RA, Diamond JS, Roche KW.
Nature Neuroscience. (2014) 12(1): 56-64
 Connectomics Preprint
Conneconomics: The Economics of Dense, Large-Scale, High-Resolution Neural Connectomics.
Marblestone AH, Daugharthy ER, Kalhor R, Peikon ID, Kebschull JM, Shipman SL, Mishchenko Y, Lee JH, Dalrymple DA, Zamft BM, Kording KP, Boyden ES, Zador AM, Church GM.
bioRxiv. (2013)
 DDS Article
Distance dependent scaling of AMPARs is cell-autonomous and GluA2-dependent.
Shipman SL, Herring BE, Suh YH, Roche KW, Nicoll RA.
The Journal of Neuroscience. (2013) 33(33): 13312-9.
 Dimerization Article
Dimerization of postsynaptic neuroligin drives synaptic assembly via transsynaptic clustering of neurexin.
Shipman SL, Nicoll RA.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. (2012) 109(47): 19432-7.
 LTP Report
A subtype-specific function for the extracellular domain of neuroligin 1 in hippocampal LTP.
Shipman SL, Nicoll RA.
Neuron. (2012) 76(2):309-16.
 Ctail Article
Functional dependence of neuroligin on a new non-PDZ intracellular domain.
Shipman SL,Schnell E, Hirai T, Chen BS, Roche KW, Nicoll RA.
Nature Neuroscience. (2011) 14(6):718-26.
F1000 Recommendation
 Schiz Article
Absence of established sex differences in patients with schizophrenia on a 2-dimensional object array task.
Shipman SL,Baker EK, Pearlson GD, Astur RS.
Psychiatry Research. (2009) 166(2-3):158-65.
 fMRI2 Research Report
Factors affecting the hippocampal BOLD response during fMRI: Activation versus deactivation.
Shipman SL, Astur RS.
Behavioral Brain Research. (2008) 187(2):433-41.